Flower Power

Hey Beautiful people! I was originally going to post last week but I got swept up into a whirl wind of moving and adapting to living in a Van… which I cannot wait to share once it’s all decorated!! This blog post is via the McDonald’s free wifi while I enjoy a black iced coffee and attempt to type with one hand.

This Summer has been extremely different because I am injured and unable to do much physical activity. With fitness being an important aspect of my life I have taken up walking everyday for about on hour or two. Slowing down and enjoying the beauty Vancouver BC has to offer.



btyAll this walking inspired a little DIY project. I began to collect flowers I liked from public roundabouts where there was an abundant amount. I then made a beautiful bouquet re- purposing a Crystal Skull Vodka flask.  This bouquet brought so much joy to my inner child and a peacefulness to my home. A essential ingredient to this bouquet is a few lavender sprigs for their healing and soothing smell. I don’t know all the names of the flowers I used but that’s okay because they are here to enjoy. I appreciate mother natures abundance and elegance.



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