Pretty As You Feel

Most of us have experienced at one time or another a wide range of negative emotions regarding our appearance. When you look in the mirror what does your image reflect back internally? Can you look past those tired eyes and that pesky pimple to see a glowing goddess? Today I am going to walk you through a few simple steps of a daily practice called mirror work. This practice is based on the book called “Mirror Work” by Louise Hay; a 21 day guide to healing by using your mirror as a tool to aid in self love. Here is my simplified variation I practice daily.

  1. First thing in the morning go to your mirror and begin to take in a few deep breaths. Focus on exhaling any negativity you could already be feeling. Be present in the moment and acknowledge that your thoughts create your reality.
  2. Gaze into your eyes and tell your self aloud ” your name I love you” “I really do love you” Really feel these words, let them resonate deeply within you.
  3. Say 1-3 affirmations regarding something you want to improve physically, mentally and or attract into you life . These can change daily if you wish. Here are some examples… I have clear, glowing skin. I feel and look rested. I am beautiful inside and out. I have energy to face the day. I am confident. I am worthy of love. I am abundant..…. Repeat as many times as needed.
  4. End with “I love and accept myself where I am at, today is going to be awesome”
  5. One more final cherry on top. Give your self a hug or simply a smile.

This may be difficult  to do at first but keep pushing forwardmirror work book. Remember consistency is key. I have personally seen positive results from this practice, even physically results of having clearer skin. We have been programmed to see ourselves as less than we really are. We let small ailments block us from the beauty that is already there, that has always been there. Or we let society’s expectations of beauty rule us. Learn to let go of these falsities because you are a goddess, you are love.  For a more in depth teaching I definitely recommend reading “Mirror Work,” by Louise Hay.



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