Broke Off Blues-Get Motivation Back

Life offers many challenges to us in unique ways, sometimes they come in the form of injury. Instead of looking at this as a negative thing let’s think about it as a little wake up call from life saying “hey slow down” or “time to shift your focus.” As a skateboarder and longboarder I have now had 2 injuries that put me out for a while. I know first hand that it is easy to fall into the negative patterns of helplessness, depression and even feeling like a burden on your loved ones. My most recent injury really put me through some mental turbulence. For a few weeks I felt like there was a mental block holding me back from feeling happy and content.  Little by little things did get better, they always do but we also need to put in the actions to achieve this. I must admit somedays were extremely draining but I pushed through and began doing a lot of self care and self reflection. I felt like I had to restore my purpose, a rebuild of sorts. Here is my tip list to get the spark back and feel excited for life again regardless of your physical state.

  1. Stop the pity party. Yes it does suck to be broke off but it is what it is. For the negative emotions that do come up let them process for a day or 2. Fully feel them but don’t let them rule you. Be kind to yourself
  2. Meditate– Take at least 10 minutes a day to calm your mind and breath, when you become fully present the injury doesn’t exist.
  3. Get Inspired again– Read some self help books/ spiritual teachings.  Watch inspirational YouTube channels.
  4. Don’t just sit there do something! Be creative. Get some exercise if you can. Go for walks. Start a blog. Start a business concept. Go on a friend date. Learn a new skill.
  5. Start setting goals– This is an ideal time to start thinking about or re-evaluating your goals for the next coming months or years.  Make a vision/dream board (see mine on Pinterest )
  6. Eat clean, limit toxins– Your body is doing heaps to focus on the hurt part so nourish your body for that extra effort. Cut back on alcohol consumption and any other things you deem toxic. Healthy food does make you feel good.
  7. Gratitude-  Be grateful for what has and is working out in your life. Be grateful for even the small things. Even though I couldn’t go skate I was grateful to be at the beach enjoying the sun.

I hope this list is of of help to someone out there. If you have any tips please feel free to share them in the comments below. These tips can also apply if you are struggling with depression or anxiety. Sending love your way.




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