Simple Beauty Favorites

Is simple, natural ingredients, ethical, cost effective your priorities for beauty care products? I got the list for you!

Listed are some of my favorite things used daily to take care of my skin care needs and beauty needs. I value using ethical, no animal tested products and believe the more simple the better. All products listed below are within $5 to $15 range Canadian (except makeup). Most of the products can be found in your local natural/health food store or even in the nearest supermarket and of course online.




Toner: to get that extra clean feel after a long day I am currently using Avalon Organics Lavender Toner which I am enjoying and seeing some general overall improvements on my skin. In the past I have used Witch Hazel and found extremely soothing as well as deep cleaning.




Purifying_Gel_Cleanser_1024x1024Cleanser: I am a huge fan of Sukin products specifically their oil balancing charcoal line. Made in Australia and totally cruelty free, paraben free and with options for all skin types.

Sometimes I make my own facial scrub with using coconut oil and baking soda as a base and add in some essential oils like lavender or teatree. Baking soda lightens skin, purifies and scrubs while the coconut oil moisturizers and is antibacterial.


coconut oilMoisturizer: perhaps the most simple of them all. I use sweet almond oil for my face as a carrier oil for essential oils and I use coconut oil for an all over body lotion and in my hair for a deep condition and shine enhancement.

sweet almond


Soap: I haven’t quite found a daily soap that meets all my criteria and is also non scented but I do have a favorite scented soap that smells so planty and energizing.  Meet Outback Mate by Lush Handmade Cosmetics. Eucalyptus, Peppermint and Lemongrass oil combo to start your morning off feeling pumped. soap

Essential Oils: are essential in a natural beauty care routine. From skin care to hair care to smelling heavenly. My top 3 are Lavender, Rosemary, and Patchouli.

Lavender benefits: Helps treat acne, works as a toner, helps with relaxation and sleep, helps heal wounds and scars, works on dandruff. Rosemary Benefits: helps prevent skin infection, aids in hair growth, skin anti ageing, dental health. Patchouli benefits: antiseptic, anti- inflammatory, helps with body odor, dental health, mood enhancer.


TP_SimplyWhiteGel_SWTTooth Paste: My favorite is Toms tooth paste. I have honestly been able to find this one in most stores. The price is pretty reasonable but at more conventional grocery stores I have found it for double the price. I have experimented with making my own tooth paste with that same baking soda and coconut oil combination using rosemary oil.



F2D_800Deodorant: I found a perfect one for hot days and sweaty work outs, Thursday Plantations Tea Tree antiperspirant. It actually worked and smells so good since it’s tea tree based! I am having trouble finding it in Canada so I am currently using The Greeench deodorant powder from Lush. It does smell good and do a decent job but I’m not a huge fan of applying powder. I have used patchouli essential oil or even nothing depending on what I got going on that day.


Alright last one…the one I haven’t found my favorite that’s within my criteria.

PURMakeup: I find makeup to be the most expensive for my beauty care needs. I have started using PUR pressed powder and mascara. I really liked the results and the company but it is a bit over my budget. One brand I am going to try very soon is Pacifica from the United States. Cruelty free, paraben free and natural. Otherwise I have been trying to go makeup free when I can. Which has been a challenge but also very freeing. 





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