What are affirmations from a spiritual sense? A daily practice of speaking what you would like to manifest and attract in your universe; mantras to boost your confidence and change your life. Affirmations will set up your day for success and positivity. Let’s reprogram our brains for change! 

What you desire can start to be a reality once you begin to speak those positive words and believe them to be your truth. You can’t just say these words without an intention and belief. For example people who win races usually start off with the belief that they have already won.  Of course this needs the follow through but it is the essential starting point. If you keep saying “I am abundant”  but never give money to help others or constantly stress about financial struggles you are not being abundant. Along with your thoughts, actions do have a direct impact on the results. Speak, believe and follow through as much as you possibly can. 

How do we do start?  Start off with I Am statements like… I am confident. I am beautiful. I am worthy of love. Etc. Once you get used to saying these simple ones on a daily basis begin stating more specific goals. Example: “I am open and receptive to the prosperity in the universe, money flows to me easily.” Get specific, whatever source you believe in is listening. A good starting point is practicing these first in the morning with you mirror work and then throughout the day. When a negative thought comes to mind say a positive one or two in place of that negative thought. The more aware you become of the negative talk you say to yourself you will begin to change.

Our thoughts have so much power, they create our reality. Having an awesome inner dialogue that is centered around love and self growth will change your perception of life and help you deal with challenges better. There is no need to stay suffering, you can reclaim your life but only if you choose to.


Sending love your way


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