Van Life: Part One

Hello beautiful souls I want to share with you a home tour aka a van tour. I am celebrating living one month with my partner in a camper van. Since it still needs some work we are parked at a friends backyard so it was been a breeze thus far. Once we complete the van and save up a bit more money we will be hitting the road.

Welcome to the Van. A 1991 chevy G20 with a slight roof extensionsdr

A cabinet and table which will be converted into the kitchendav

Each side has large windows which leaves the perfect space to place books and pretty things. Fresh flowers, tapestry’s and crystals make up the minimalist decor.


Some lush lavender hanging above my head encourage a peaceful sleep.dav

When we have guests the passenger seat swivels and creates a mini living room. Probably the most comfortable passenger seat I have sat in EVER. Also we have hardwood floors which are awesome.dav

And where the magic happens….

Our massive bed to get the best sleeps and cuddles in. Ample storage beneath.dav

Thanks for touring my home. I will definitely be posting more about #vanlife and the upgrades we make in the future.

Sending love your way






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