Get Fit Challenge Series #1

I invite you to join me on a month long journey to get back into achieving fitness goals and feeling great about our bodies. Starting Sunday September 10!

Working out or exercising however you like is an essential part of self care.

When I started blogging about a month ago I had a finger injury which affected my whole hand so working out was a challenge and potentially harmful to my healing. Now that I am 90% recovered and employed by a gym, it’s time to get back at it and this time more seriously. I will be posting twice a week; work out guides, protein packed vegan meal ideas, physique updates and hopefully some videos to show you some of my work outs. I am diving deep into this so let’s begin with setting some goals. Below is a simple 3 step process with questions to help you start creating a work out plan suited for you. If you need some inspiration or guidance attached is a free PDF to set goals and track your progress and keep you motivated .fitness tracker 


1: Purpose: What is the end goal?  Examples: lose weight, drop a pant size, get abs, build strength, tone up,

2: Plan: How much time do you want to dedicate to this goal per week? Are you changing your diet as well? How long are your work outs going to be? What type of exercises do you like? How can you push yourself and try new forms of physical activity?

3: Tracking Progress: How are you holding your self accountable? How are you measuring results? Are you tracking weight loss?

To share with you…. my goals are to tone up and actually start building some muscle. My focus will be in the gym with some yoga and skateboarding mixed in. My goal is to go to the gym 4 days a week, and yoga twice a week. As for my diet it won’t change that much but I will be eating more balanced meals with heaps of  protein and of course all plant based. Let’s do this!!!




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