And Stretch~Fit Challenge #2

Yoga, the all around self care practice connecting the mind and the body.

As my passion for fitness grows so does my love and appreciation for yoga. It is an essential part in my fitness journey I could never stop doing. I started practicing yoga as a way to connect spiritually and a means to some physical activity during my busy week (pre-gym days). I am still very much an at home yogi but I try to go to a class every second week. During the fitness challenge I would like to increase this to attending a class once a week. Below listed are some benefits of yoga and believe me I am only sharing a small fraction of what yoga can do for you. There is endless research supporting the physical and mental benefits; it is an ancient practice for a reason.

Benefits of Yoga:

1. increased flexibility

2. improved respiration

3. increase in strength and toning of muscles

4. improves posture

5. increases blood flow

6. relaxes your entire nervous and adrenal systems

7. releases tension

8. helps you sleep deeper

9. improves balance

10. helps reduce sport related injury

11. helps increase focus

If you have never done yoga and you want to improve one of these things, what are you waiting for! Find a class near by or do a youtube session. I suggest starting with some sun salutations as a warm up before working out doing some restorative poses before bed. There are many different types of yoga to try and learn from. The best part of yoga that everyone has their own unique practice.

Namaste beautiful souls






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