Update Fit Challenge

To be honest not a lot happened in the first week due to being super under the weather. I am definitely extending the challenge for another week because I was so physically drained I did not accomplish what I wanted to do for myself and for the blog. I was able to make it to the gym twice and did some at home yoga (see post wildazalea.blog/2017/09/15/and-stretchfit-challenge-2) I also finally made it out on my longboard to practice some sliding/free riding. I am so stoked about this because this was the first time back on my board like that since my injury!!!!

Fast forward to this week and boy do I got a lot planned. Today is Monday and already a gym workout has been slayed. Tuesday and Wednesday I will be in the gym again and then on Thursday I will be attending my first group fitness class called 3D Glutes; so  ready to do a high intensity booty work out! Probably the most excitement for this week is the weekend where I will be downhill skateboarding at the historic Maryhill Loops road for the Fall Free Ride. Since I will be leaving Canada to go down to Washington state for this I won’t have cell reception I will try to get some insta coverage going but stay tuned for a recap on Tuesday. If you have no idea what downhill skateboarding is check it out on youtube. Skateboarding is undeniably my favorite sport which I will be sharing more about post skate trip.

Have an excellent week full of good food, workouts and self love!



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