Plant Fuel Fit Challenge #3

The vegan movement has increased rapidly in the past few years and has even extended it’s influence in the pro athletes world. Plant based diets are on the rise and won’t be going anywhere, the amount of information we have now to back up this lifestyle is in abundance. Whether it’s for health benefits, animal rights and environmental reasons eating plant based is saving yourself and the world as well as teaching us compassion for all beings. Lets do away with our mothers saying “but how to get enough protein?” That old tiresome question has no value in this modern age when protein is packed into most natural foods like….. legumes, quinoa, tofu, tempeh, lentils, spinach, wild rice, broccoli, steel cut oats, seeds and nuts just to name a few.

If you are training or doing a fit challenge a bit more food in general is required to keep you going simply because you are burning more calories . Eating 3 balanced meals consisting of protein, carbs and fats is key along with healthy snacks to aid in recovery after a work out. If you are very much on the go or don’t like cooking so often definitely consider adding in some supplements and protein shakes to help replenish your body throughout the day. Good carbs are in fruit, legumes and grain; these are also rich in fiber. Some natural fats are in avocado, chia seeds, nut butters and coconut oil. Always do your own research of what will be good for you or consult a nutritionist.

This week I tried out the Vega all in one chocolate shake which I really liked and found beneficial. I was less hungry throughout the day and was able to sustain my energy.  (Vega is a supplement brand that is strictly vegan, they have a wide variety of protein, hydration, pre-workout and post work out powders. They also have some yummy bars too.) Vega Website

This week’s inspiration is pro athlete Madi Serpico, triathlete, model and vegan! @madifastpants


Keep going and fueling your body with all the good stuff. Sending love your way!


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