Athletic Passion~ Fit Challenge #4

Unless you are overflowing with motivation staying active can start to feel like a chore. With busy schedules hitting the gym is penciled into the calendar just like work in your week. What about being active and having fun at the same time? It is crucial to have a sport or some physical activity that keeps you inspired as well as moving. Getting involved in such activities also opens up a whole new community to take part in. How do we find this? 

My advice…  ALWAYS be open to trying new things. Dabble in the sports/activities you have always wanted to or revisit any previous interests because it could spark a new found passion. Release any fears of failure or not being good enough; it is better to try than never try at all. I believe there is something out there for everyone to be involved in so keep searching until it clicks.

Keep fun a priority. This should be something added to your life for enjoyment, an amusing challenge at most.

My athletic passion is all about flying around on a skateboard.  I have participated in downhill races and enjoy skateboarding in bowls. As a preteen I really loved skateboarding but I never had the support or confidence to pursue it at a more serious level. I was too afraid to push myself forward in a sport I felt so inadequate and alone. Amazingly in my early 20’s skateboarding has re-entered my life and brought in downhill skating too. Some days I feel a tinge of regret that I didn’t keep going when I was younger but I am so grateful to be a part of it now, especially with so many talented females blazing the way forward for the sport.  I like skateboarding for the challenge, being outdoors, the physicality and the smile it smacks across my face. Pure fun and enjoyment not to mention the travel opportunities as well as the friends I have met from around the world. Because it is physical and straining on the legs; yoga and training have become an even more important aspect in my life. All forms of my chosen physical activities work together in helping me prevent injury, balance muscles and increase my overall performance. I feel so happy to have something that gets me out the house for a solo adventure or a reason to meet up with my friends at the local hill.


Last weekends fall freeride at the historic Maryhill Loops Road in Goldendale WA. Captured by @Nwest_media

Don’t hold back from doing what you want. You are capable. You don’t need to be the best all you need is be happy doing it.


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