1st Time Making Essential Oils

With the cool fall air blowing in and pushing me to the indoors I am renewing my passion for crafting and homemade cosmetics. Something I have always wanted to make essential oils. After doing some google searching I found it to be quite simple; with very little preparation I eagerly jumped in. There are several methods but for the first time I wanted to brew it up stove top style.  I choose to use lavender and rosemary because they are readily available in my backyard and they are my favorite oils with similar uses.

What you need is your choice of herbs, a carrier oil (I used sunflower), scissors, a pestle if you got one, 2 pots to create a double boiler, water, spoon, strainer, funnel and dark coloured jars or containers.

Let’s get started…

Step 1. Collect the herbs and trim off leaves and or flowers. Cut smaller and crush them with a pestle.

Step 2.  Warm up the water then pour some oil in the floating pot. Add the herbs, give them a mix then add a bit more oil to completely cover them. I probably used half a cup of oil.

Step 3. Keep the heat below medium just enough to create a simmer. Leave the mixture for several hours (minimum 2hrs). I left mine for 3hrs and stirred it a few times.

Step 4. Remove from heat and let cool for a few minutes. Then pour the infusion through a fine strainer into a bowl. Some people also use cheesecloth.

Step 5. Now that we have the oil ready pour into small containers using a funnel. I actually don’t have a funnel I so had to get creative and use the corner of a plastic container with a small hole cut in it. I re-used some old essential oil jars from ones I had purchased. They are a dark blue; this helps the oils have a longer life.

The mixture filled up both small bottles and I had enough left for another if I had one so I stored it in a plastic container that I plan to use first. The feel of the oil is a perfect consistency but the scent could be stronger. I think next time I would use a bit more plant and little less oil. I also plan to try the ancient way of letting the sun do the work over a few weeks via a clear glass jar. Overall I am happy and can’t wait to experiment more.


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