GYM LIFE~ Fit Challenge #5

I now consider my self a gym person. A love hate relationship over the years has now turned into my main fitness practice.

My typical gym work out consists of 20-30minutes of cardio usually on the elliptical then on to a few machines. I like the seated leg press, hip abductor and lat pull down. I’m not super into using the machines because I don’t think they will help me achieve my desired results right now. I like to try them but am more keen for free weights. I have only started to learn dumbbell exercises and have consistently increased the weight every couple of weeks within the first 2 months of my lifting journey. Below is a condensed video of some beginner exercises to help you get started in the gym and hopefully enjoy lifting. I am using 12.5lbs weights and a bench.

  • Double bicep curl to shoulder press
  • Alternating bicep curls
  • Shoulder press
  • Kneeling one arm row
  • bench press
  • dips
  • regular squats
  • lunges
  • squats with shoulder press

For each exercise start by doing 10 reps (10 on each side or for each arm/leg) and repeat the set at least 2 times. These are some of the easiest ones to begin with so try to add in new ones each week and up the amount of sets you do. Always listen to your body; if a particular exercise or movement doesn’t feel right/cause pain, don’t continue doing it. Remember to stretch after and refuel your body with some plant based protein.

Happy working out!



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