At Home Work Out~ Fit Challenge #6

Working out at home with the weight of your body is an easy way to get in your daily does of exercise. In under 25minutes you can be on the road to smashing your goals in the comfort of your own home or back yard. What you need is clear space where you have room for a yoga mat and also have a chair or bench handy. The following exercises mainly focus on the legs, booty and core.

We begin with 3 explosive exercises to warm up the body which also target the desired muscle groups.

Squat/Frog Jumps x10

Squat jump

Squat jump 2

Lunges: Alternate legs quickly with a slight jump in between x10 each leg


Mountain Climbers: Start in plank position and alternate jump each leg forward  x10

mountain climbers

Dips: using chair x10


One Leg Squats: Using chair x10 each leg

1 leg squat 2

1leg squat

Donkey Kicks: start in tabletop position and with a 90 degree bend kick up x15 each leg

donkey kick

Rainbows: Begin in table top position and extend the leg straight back and cross it diagonally over your mat taping each side X15 each leg

rainbow 2


Fire Hydrants: bend at your knee and raise it sideways pointing to the outside X15 each leg

fire hydrants

Hip raise: Lying on your back with knees together, thrust hips up and then back down while squeezing your glutes x15

hip raise

Leg Raises: On your back with legs together raise up and down x15

leg raise

leg raise 2

Elbow Plank: Hold for 10 seconds than transition to each side reaching your arm up and  with legs together, hold each side for 10 seconds


plank 2

Normal Plank Variation: Hold plank for 5 seconds then begin to move into an elbow plank one arm at a time then back up to a normal plank  x10

plank 3

plank 4


Repeat entire set at least 2 times or many as you like. Remember to hydrate between each set.

You got this! You are capable and strong!

Happy Working Out!




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