The Journey Continues~ Fit Challenge Recap

The Fit Challenge has officially wrapped up as of 2 days ago leaving me initially feeling disappointed. My execution wasn’t quite on point of how I planned it and intended to share it. I found it difficult to actually keep my schedule when my life is in such a transition phase. Life is always evolving and it’s about how you adapt to those changes. I still made it to the gym a lot and to yoga a few times but not as frequent as I would of liked. With all that being said there were SO MANY POSITIVES which leads me to my big realization…

You don’t always have to stick to your schedule or routine. Do what feels right and when you want to do it!! Most of the time I do have the motivation so not having a schedule or definite end goal works for me personally. I would like to have a proper gym plan in the future when my life is a bit more settled. My personal fitness philosophy has also evolved from wanting to look better and be healthier to really connecting with my body and caring for myself.

I now view fitness as a journey of the mind and body connecting to achieve health and self love.

And for the results: I lost a few pounds, began toning up, improved my posture and most importantly I feel stronger. When I walk my body feels more aligned which makes me feel like I’m glowing with confidence. The love I have for my body has increased so much. We are so blessed as humans to have these very capable bodies that crave exercise and enjoy movement.

Connect with me or comment below if you want to share your results or have any awesome fitness related accomplishments to celebrate.

Sending love your way!


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