10 Self Care Tips for a Relaxed Mind & Body

Feeling stressed? Need some grounding? Listen to these feelings; make time to slow down and relax.

Self Care Tips

1.Have a Cup of Chamomile Tea– This floral tea helps the body to produce more serotonin and melatonin which helps relive stress, relax the body and can even induce sleep.

2. Introspection through Journaling– Let your feelings flow out onto a page. This is like venting to a friend but in a super healthy way. You may even start to have some insights into your current emotional being.

3.Animal Therapy- Take a dog for a walk, hang out with a cat or cuddle a furry friend. Spending time with an animal is proven to help individuals heal from traumas. Animals can create such a unique bond and teach us about caring.

4.Aromatherapy- Scents can transport your mind and space to feeling lighter and grounded. Lavender is an essential herb for relaxation and a peaceful mind; use as an essential oil or diffuse. Burning incense is an easy and affordable way to accomplish a tranquil environment.

5.Escape to Nature- Surround yourself in your favorite nature spot, admire flowers in a garden or at the very least go to the nearest park. Even take off your shoes to plant your bare feet in the grass while breathing in the fresh air.

6.Meditate for At Least 10Minutes-Meditation is a good daily practice but especially important during hectic days. Allow time in your day to quiet your mind for at least 10mins while focusing on your breathing. Play a guided meditation off Youtube if you are new to meditating. Stop, breath and transcend.

7.Sound Bath- Clear your mind with the instrumental sounds of spiritual frequencies. Listen to this while doing simple tasks or better yet just relaxing on a comfy couch. Check out Meditative Mind 

8. Sweat It Out- Treat yourself to some time in a sauna or steam room to cleanse out the body. A good place to be cell phone free and totally melting the stress out of you.

9.Restorative Yoga– Unwind with tranquil stretching and gentle movements. In restorative yoga poses are held for longer and allow the body to completely relax. The poses sooth the nervous system while deepening your self awareness.

10. Face Mask– Stress shows it’s self through the skin so give your face some extra attention and love. Apply a refreshing and relaxing face mask while resting for 10minutes as it drys. I recommend the Fresh Face Masks from Lush

Happy relaxing, energy clearing, pausing, self loving, grounding and recharging!


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