A Weekly Ritual for the Modern Goddess

Firstly what is a modern goddess? It is you, it is me and the activation of the divine source. Individually it is daily self practices centered upon self love and owning our feminine power.

shaktiHistorically there are many goddesses from religions and cultures that we can call upon and learn from; today we are going to focus on Shakti, the Hindu mother goddess that restores balance and is the source of divine feminine. She is a cosmic energy that can take many forms; an archetype of fertility, creativity and strength. Shakti is Mahadevi meaning she encompasses all Hindu goddesses. We can call upon Shakti or find the energy within ourselves. When we activate our inner Shakti we can start to create our lives and feel empowered to be ourselves by overcoming our inner demons.

Ritual: The purpose of the ritual is to re-align with your self and to set intentions for the week ahead. We also want to clear away any lingering negative energy from the previous week. This ritual is best done at the beginning of your week. I usually do this every Sunday evening.

  1. Begin with a bath or a shower as an act of cleansing. I like to have a candlelight bath with my favorite essential oils infused in the water.
  2. davGo to a place where you are alone, perhaps your bedroom and preform a second act of cleansing using a smudge stick.
  3. mdeUse a tarot deck or my preferred “Healing with Angels” by Doreen Virtue deck and do a simple 3 card reading. Asking the angles what you should be focusing on this week or what you need their guidance with.
  4. Meditate for about 15-30mins focus on bringing up that Shakti energy from the base of your spine (Sacral Chakra). If you are new to meditation select a guided one on Youtube Connect With Your Inner Goddess Guided Meditation
  5. mde

    Lastly write down in a journal or notebook your intentions for the week as well as the weekly affirmations. You can include goals to complete for projects you are passionate about which can also extend to making a rough plan for your week.

Weekly Affirmations: I have the ability to create my reality. I emanate strength, confidence and divine love.

After the ritual is complete I hope you feel centered and ready to slay your week as a beautiful and confident goddess. Sending love your way.


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