Awaken The Fire Within, Helpful Herbs & More!

We are living in the era of depression and anxiety; nearly everyone I know in my personal life including myself has dealt with one or both of these. Why are so many of us are struggling with these mental ailments? This is becoming an epidemic of tired worn out souls. Depressions root cause(s) could be from past unhealed traumas to the fear based negativity happening in the world. The one missing ingredient I observed of depression sufferers was a general lack of passion for life, the fire.

The fire elemental properties are power, passion, sensuality, motivation, creativity and transformation.

Herbal Apprentice By Abrah Arneson

First let’s understand the yin and yang energies that essentially rule all of existence. Examples: hot vs cold, up vs. down, sleep vs. awake, sad vs. happy…. The yin and yang are two opposites that carry the seed of the other at their fullest points. Above pictured is the yin and yang in the nervous system. Depression is an extreme state of yin and anxiety is an extreme state of yang

In ancient times fire meant life and survival, even the suns return of warmth everyday ruled the world. Yes we are way beyond those times but the fire element is still essential to living a full, fruitful and joyful life. We have the ability to create and transform even just by what we think and put your minds attention to. Lets look at some herbs and spiritual tools that can help bring some light and warmth to our lives.

#helpfulherbs The fire element is found within warming herbs and prickly/thorny plants. Examples: Cinnamon, Cayenne, Nettle, Rosemary, Ginger and Juniper. Adding these herbs into your life, through teas, tinctures and into your cooking will aid in your body warming up your digestive organs and hopefully your heart and brain (they are all connected.) All of these of course have many other healing properties too so choose which every suites you best.



Top 3 Herbs for Depression-
Consider trying one of these natural antidepressants along with herbs from above.

Holy Basil-contains eugenol and rosmarinic acid which boosts the dopamine and serotonin levels in the brain. Helps with insomnia, anxiety and stress related headaches too. St Johns Wort: AKA natures Prozac, aids in making more serotonin, dopamine and norepinephrine available in the brain. *Important to not combine with other prescription antidepressants Rhodiola: is an adaptogen herb that helps the body adapt to environmental, physical and chemical changes. Increases the sensitivity of your neurotransmitters.  Rhodiola lowers cortisol levels and can even improve athletic performance.

Metaphysical tools/aids

Crystals: Carnelian, tigers eye, ruby, bloodstone, amber, fire opal

Spirit animals: Lion, Tiger, Scorpion, Phoenix

Goddess: Sekhmet, Egyptian warrior and healing goddess, a lioness

Colors: Red, Orange, yellow, blue-white (the synergy of colors in a flame)

If these spiritual tools aren’t your jam try saying positive affirmations every morning, set goals, dabble in a creative project and always talk to someone you can trust. Don’t bottle up those feelings and let them further dull your spirit. Life is meant to be enjoyed and that is up to you.

Sending love and hopefully some sparks your way



Cover art by Susan Seddon ❤


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