DIY Herbal Facial Mist

The winter months allow plenty of time to create and get into some DIY projects. Dealing with the harsh Canadian winter I wanted to make something that would help my irritated, dry skin and also boost up my energy. With cost and simplicity in mind I decided to repurpose an old spay mist bottle with only 3 ingredients I already had on hand. See the recipe below.

This multi-use spray can be used as a light toner after washing your face, set makeup or misted whenever you want to feel uplifted. Key component is Rosemary which helps reduce inflammation, has anti ageing properties, combats fatigue and can improve cognitive function. Combined with Lavender essential oil it provides the best of both worlds. Lavender is extremely nourishing for the skin and has a calming effect. Other essential oils can be added to or replace the lavender. Some examples are: Ylang Ylang, Tea tree, Patchouli and Rose.

What you need:

Tools: liquid measuring cup, funnel, glass bowl, empty spay mist bottle (125ml) and a kettle.

Ingredients: Fresh or dried rosemary (2 sprigs), witch hazel and lavender essential oil.


1.First make the rosemary infusion by boiling 2 cups of water and pouring over the rosemary sprigs in the glass bowl. I let this sit for about 2 days but it can be used after 12 hours of setting.

2. In the measuring cup combine 100ml of the rosemary infusion with 25ml of witch hazel and about 10-15 drops of lavender essential oil.

3.Funnel mixture into the spray bottle, screw on the lid and give it a shake.

4. Give it a try!





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