A Guide To Eating Plant Based

Time is already flying in 2018; with January coming to a close I am curious who has kept up with their new years resolutions diets and exercise regimes?

In case you have fallen off of whatever wagon you were on, hop back on with incorporating  plant based eating into you life and maybe starting your journey to becoming a vegan.

It is a very simple “diet,” eat more plant-y foods and you will most definitely start to feel better. But how do we do this? and what is the affect? The reasons for eating more a plant based diet can fall under 3 main categories Health, Environmental and Ethical/Compassion. Everyone gravitates to one of these points more than the others or sometimes all 3. On my personal journey it started with health and has later manifested into a lifestyle of  having all 3 be of equal importance. Find out what is important to you or what you want to achieve and start there.

STOP THE CRAVINGS To eat more plant based foods we have to cut out the foods that no longer serve us for health or at the very least keep them as a treat for once a week. Greasy, deep fried and sugary foods only provide a temporary fix to our craving. If it doesn’t make you feel good after eating it don’t eat it. The more you resit these foods the less you will crave them so give it some time. Snack on fruit, medjool dates, almonds, veggies and hummus, kale chips or bake your own vegan treats with half the amount of sugar and healthy alternatives.

FIND YOUR PROTEIN STAPLES If you have completely cut out animal products find the staples you enjoy and ones that can be used in multiple dishes at a good cost. I personally keep it very simple with my go twos being  beans and tofu. Lentils, quinoa and brown rice all have protein and work with pretty much anything you want to cook up (curries, stews and salads.) Nuts and seeds are also great to incorporate into breakfast, snacks and even making vegan cheese.

BECOME A FOODIE To do well with a plant based diet you have to like cooking/creating to an extent unless you are blessed with a plethora of vegan restaurants in your neighborhood and a high food budget. Get on Pinterest to get inspired and try a new recipe every week on a day you have more time to invest in the kitchen. If you don’t like cooking or preparing food, smoothies and cold pressed green juices are a good way to get in a lot of plant nutrients. It helps to plan meals ahead or do meal prep for all your lunches in the week.

EDUCATE YOURSELF Dive into documentaries, do some reading, research which diets and foods will have the best results for you. Know about the environmental and ethical issues that come from factory farming and have an opinion about it. Don’t just turn a blind eye because it makes you uneasy or you feel powerless. Stand behind what you care about.

GO VEGETARIAN  So you want to eat plant based but you still eat meat… that is totally okay because we all start there. Depending on where you are at with your food journey cutting out meat might seem like  the hardest thing to do. Start by eliminating it a few days a week and apply some new recipes with new protein staples. Then start consuming it once a week and then maybe to when you only eat out. Try veggie “meat” as a replacement in your meals, you won’t even notice that much of a difference and there are some killer veggie burgers out there.

GO VEGAN  For most this is a process and some can drop everything and be vegan AF the next day. Start with replacing dairy for vegan alternatives such as coconut milk, Earth Balance vegan butter, Daiya cheese etc. Once you are rolling with that almost vegan diet beware of hidden animal products, this includes milk products in crackers and some breads, beers, eggs in protein powder, animal products in store bought sauces and supplements(gelatin capsule) just to name a few.  When transitioning allow yourself some cheat days, this doesn’t mean eating meat but maybe you had a cookie that had eggs in it. Don’t be too hard on yourself when you are first starting out because it can be a challenging diet to fully commit to at the beginning.

LISTEN TO YOUR BODY If there were to be a rule around eating right this would be it. Listen to YOUR body because it is yours no one else’s. You know what is best for you. Everyone is different and will respond to foods in different ways. What works for your friend might not work for you.


If you have questions, reach out to me on Instagram or leave a comment.







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